You’ll Love the Sign Pope Francis Has Hanging On His Door

I don’t get why so many people care about Pope Francis, but then again religion isn’t really my thang.

Pope Francis is certainly the best of the recent bunch, though, bringing a more modern and rational approach to the Vatican than his predecessors.

He also realises that Donald Trump is a doos (HERE), which is always a good thing, and has a sense of humour.

Take for example the sign that hangs on the door of his hotel suite:

TIME with the translation:

“No Whining.” In smaller print the sign continues: “Transgressors are subject to a syndrome of victimization [sic] and the ensuing reduction of a sense of humor and capacity to resolve problems. Sanctions are doubled when the violation is committed in the presence of children.”

I wouldn’t be letting children in there myself, given the Vatican’s recent troubles. The Vatican’s auditor general resigned, its treasurer returned to Australia to face trial for sex abuse and its top doctrine official was dismissed.

But yeah, don’t whine.

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