YFM presenter Ms Ada not raped but acting a po.rn movie?

From one of our sources, it’s well indicated that YFM’s presenter Ms Ada may have been acting a movie with Ghanaians being her audience.

According to snitches, Ms Ada was seen in Accra with several male friends. She was then spotted along with five men patronising an unnamed hotel in Abbosey Okai, a suburb of Accra.


According to the hotel manager who has submitted a written statement to the police, Ada took a room in the hotel under the guise of shooting a movie. She paid to use the facility for an unspecified number of days. Ada and her friends also used an internet cafe at Kaneshie to post nude pictures of her supposed ordeal.

She has however been ordered by the police to make her way to Accra for further investigations after being hospitalised in the GHAPOHA hospital in the Western region on Tuesday.


EnterGhana.com | YFM presenter Ms Ada not raped but acting a po.rn movie?

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