Yahoo to change name to ‘Altaba’ after $4.8 Billion verizon acquisition

Everything that has a beginning surely has an end–at least, some of us saw the beginning of Yahoo! and we are about to see its end too.

The struggling tech giant which was recently bought for $4.8 Billion by Verizon will change its name to something more meaningless, “Altaba.”

Motherboard reports:

Yahoo didn’t provide an explanation for what “Altaba” means or why it was selected as the new name of the company. But it’s worth noting that the name is phonetically similar to “Alibaba,” the name of the Chinese internet giant that is part-owned by Yahoo.

The company also announced that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, the veteran former Google executive who tried and failed to turn around the internet pioneer, will exit the company’s board after more than four years at the helm. Yahoo co-founder David Filo is also leaving the company’s board.

Verizon will be buying Yahoo for less than $5 billion–a company which 12 years after ago refused a Microsoft offer of more than $45 billion… | Credit: Motherboard | Yahoo to change name to ‘Altaba’ after $4.8 Billion verizon acquisition

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