WOW!! Man buys a New car for Sister, says he does not like her driving Old Cars (PHOTOS)

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We came across an awesome post that portrays the personification of a love between two siblings.

What is the ‘most awesome’ thing you have either done for a sibling or what is the best gift you have ever received from your sibling?

A Twitter user identified as @yayraaaaa_H, received an awesome gift from her brother and because she was so overjoyed, decided to share it on social media.

According to the young Ghanaian lady, she received a brand new car courtesy of her brother who was thoughtful enough to gift her with it for the simple reason that he was ‘tired of seeing her drive old ones’.

Lady poses with the car her brother so generously bought for her. Photo: [email protected]_H

See another picture of the car below:

The excited lady shows off her brand new car, the first after a series of old ones. Photo: [email protected]_H

See the tweet below:

Isn’t this awesome?

Meanwhile, see how long Nigerians think a lady should stay engaged till marriage:

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