Woman Buries Herself Alive To Evade Arrest After Crushing A 5-Year-Old (PICTURED)

Perry-The-TrentA 36-year- old woman has buried herself alive in her bid to evade police arrest after she hit a 5-year-old boy hit with her truck.

Marsha Yumi Perry, who hails from Washougal, Washington, was said to have escaped immediately after the accident and subsequently hid in a shallow grave and covered herself with dirt.

Marsha Yumi Perry, from Washougal, Washington, has buried herself in a shallow grave to evade police arrest after she ran over a 5-year-old boy. (Photo Credit: World Wide Weird News)

Luck however, ran out on her after a police sniffer dog located her and alerted the officials leading to her arrest.

According to World Wide Weird News, officers shouted warnings that they were about to unleash the dog to get her if she did not surrender, police said.

Washougal Sgt. Geoff Reijonen said, “The ground moved, and she sat up.”

According to the officials, drugs and alcohol might not ave led to the hit and run accident, as the suspect was driving with a suspended license.

Perry later got an arrest warrant over a misdemeanor at the time of the incident.The victim was riding a bike out of a driveway and onto the street when the incident happened.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital after he sustained a cut on his face, and bruises on his knees and elbows.

Police sources further disclosed that Perry abandoned her truck at the scene when it refused to move and fled the scene on foot.

Perry was later remanded in Clark County jail after she was arrested on charges of felony hit-and-run, driving with a suspended license and for the warrant.

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