WATCH: Ohemaa Woyeje reveals why she is still childless

One of the most dedicated female broadcasters of our time,Harey Ajoa Yeboah Asiamah popularly known as Ohemaa Woyeje has reviewed why she is still childless and unmarried yet.

There had been mixed reactions with regards to why the award winning radio personality is yet to give birth; with the most popular assertion gathered by being that she once aborted a baby which has badly affected her womb.

But speaking in a one on one interview with Rossy of,”Ohemaa Woyeje” who is the host of work and happiness on Adom Fm enthusiastically explained that,”I always use a rubber when doing it”,this was her way of saying that she always uses a condom because she doesn’t want to get pregnant.

Ohemaa Woyeje also debunked rumours that she was married.She emphasized that, though she is not married, Emmanuel Yaw Owusu-Kusi whom she is rumoured to be married to is her fiancee who she loves unceasingly and would be getting married to him very soon.

The most invigorating part of the interview is when the award winning best female Dj revealed that she uses quality condoms when having sex and hence she is advising couples to do the same, so that they can avoid the risk of the condom tearing.

Below is the video for her interview with
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