Waking up with you (Wednesday 9th August)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes,
Pablo arrives in Othon’s house and there Ferney tells him that he and Maia have been dating for some time and Maia asks him to shut up and shouldn’t do that to her by telling Pablo those things and Pablo is desperate because he doesn’t know why Maia left him, and even worse, because now she is supposedly going out with Ferney. Maia tells Pablo she wants him out of her life for good.
Ferney puts a stop to Othon and Antonia’s bickering, and tells them he can’t let them fight while they’re all in a partnership together.
Federico tells Pablo to stay away from his family because he won’t be able to destroy it but Pablo replies that he should worry about Ferney because he knows they love themselves very much.
Freda tells Rodolfo that she suddenly feels the need to be a mother but he replies that he doesn’t want to have kids and this scares her a lot.
Antonia tells Tatiana that if she really believes that Ferney is the man of her life, then she should fight for him and that Tatiana is sure od doing so.
Maia confesses to Cindy that her name is not Emilia and tells her why Rafael lied to her because she is Maia the same person Pablo is in love with but the truth is she never knew Pablo and Herminio was one person bearing those names but Cindy refuses to believe her and asks her to stay away from Pablo for good and that Maia is sure about.
Ferney asks for Carmen’s help to get Othon and Antonia to stop fighting.
Machul proposes a singing duel between Amanda and Antonia where the winner will keep singing and the loser will retire and they agree.
Othon tells Federico that he is happy for tricking him to get together with his brother because it ended well.
Pablo tells Alvaro that he thinks it’s a good idea to take Santi to a day care center so he can spend time with other kids instead of adults, but before that he tells him that first he wants to talk to Maia to see if they should also send their daughter Bernarda to the day care.
Whiles talking, Tulia overhears Pablo saying he has a daughter and she looks shocked and asks him if he really has a daughter and Pablo looks nervous.
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