Waking Up With You: Tuesday 16th May 2017 on UTV Ghana

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes,
The doctor checks on Maia and she recommends that she take care of her pregnancy together with the father of the child and Maia is moved to hear the baby’s heartbeat and she goes joyfully tearful.
Antonia refuses to fire Pablo after Tatiana requested and she tells her Pablo is the best bodyguard she’s ever met in her entire life. Tatiana looking so angry tell Antonia that now she knows why her father wants to divorce her.

Cynthia goes looking for Antonia but she feels reluctant to speak with her but Cynthia manages to win her heart to talk to her. Cynthia then tells Antonia that they are a great success on the radio and she asks her to sing a duet with her but Antonia refuses to do so but Cynthia wants her to think about it. All these while Rodolfo was spying on them.

Maia tells Freda that for the time being she never is going to allow anybody to know she’s pregnant.
Mosquito uses Jenny’s phone to chat with Monkey as being Jenny and to sets a trap for Monkey asking him to meet him at the mechanic shop and Monkey looks happy.

Tulia and Christian speak about Augusto’s firing and Christian acts like he feels very sorry for him.
Pablo presents his resignation to Antonia because he feels he’s been neglecting his family nowadays and also Maia doesn’t want to be with him again and that means he doesn’t deserve to work with her again since that has only caused him great harm.

The doctor tells Silvestre that he is beginning to have dementia and that is why he couldn’t find his way to the house.

Antonia gets worried because a client wants an appointment with Pablo because he thinks he is still Antonia’s partner.

Nestor makes a jealousy scene with Tatiana and she tells him there’s nothing between them.
Federico wants to know why very often Maia is behaving so strange travelling without notice and so on but Freda doesn’t tell anything to Federico even about Maia’s pregnancy because she doesn’t want to betray her friend.

Rogelio hugs Cindy and Cynthia arrives at that moment and sees them and asks Cindy why she is hugging her husband.

Antonia goes to see Pablo in his house and she offers a job to Pablo in her company so he doesn’t pretend anymore and that means she is not going to make him her bodyguard again but they will be partners. Pablo refuses but Antonia wants her to have a second thought.

Federico finds Maia’s ultrasound test and takes it away and Flora sees him and asks but he lies and left and Flora tells Maia about it that Federico was in her room whiles she was bathing.

Mosquito makes Monkey believe that the police arrived to arrest him and Monkey looks so frightened.
Carmen recommends to Othon to face his problems rather than hiding from the media because clearing the waves will help the public to understand things and he agrees.

Tulia tells Christian that she knows he’s the thief and not Augusto after finding those spare parts in his cabinet and Christian tries lying but Tulia is not a fool because she knows she is the thief and so she has to go with her to confess that to Rafael and Cindy.

Antonia arrives at the Radio station finally and agrees to sing with Cynthia.

Maia’s asks Federico why he came into her room and he lies that he only came there to check on her. And Federico advises Maia to support Othon and not ruin him.

Pablo signs her resignation at Antonia office.

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