Waking Up With You: Friday 19th May 2017 on UTV Ghana

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes,
Othon thinks Federico is a disappointment because he put all his trust in him but has betrayed him and Maia says Federico isn’t the father of her child but Othon disbelieves her and turns to get mad at Maia that he tells her that she no longer is his daughter and Maia looks so sad.

Nestor wants to be a bodyguard again but his boss refuses him after slandering Antonia and Pablo and don’t want him to come back again but Nestor careless because he doesn’t want his permission and the colonel says that means though will be a bodyguard but without legal certification.

Carmen tells Maia not to pay attention to that outburst from her father because he was only mad when he said it, and that she (Carmen) is relieved that Pablo isn’t the baby’s father because it would be awful if the father were the same man who ruined Othon and Maia has to keep the truth to herself because Carmen never gave her a chance to tell her.

Antonia still refuses to sing in public with Cynthia in spite of the fact that she shows her all the success they’ve had.

Maia asks Federico why he lied to her parents and he says it’s because he loves her and promises to be with her to assist her in her pregnancy and so Maia tells Federico that she will think about possibly accepting his offer to help with her baby.

Cindy tells Pablo that Rafael kicked her out of the car repair shop, and quickly, she takes advantage of the situation to kiss him.

Tulia fixes all the cars in the car repair shop in order to prove to Rafael that a woman can indeed be in charge of the shop; she convinces him to give a second chance to Cindy, but she couldn’t convince him about Augusto.

Cynthia tells Antonia that Mauricio signed them to be the opening act at a Tex-Mex concert and Antonia asks her to let them meet at the FM Station.

Maia tells Freda that if she tells Pablo that she is pregnant, she will never speak to her again but Freda still wants her to tell him because she doesn’t want Federico to be the father of her nephew but Maia insists not to tell him.

Pablo tells Antonia that if she rehires Nestor, he’ll resign because he can’t work with him after all that he’s done against them and Cindy.

Jenny Paola tells Rosalia that Mosquito recorded a video of Monkey but she wouldn’t upload it if not she will rather be the one bullying others.

Freda makes a video call to Maia from Pablo’s office and leaves them to talk, but they end up arguing and she couldn’t tell him that she is pregnant because Tatiana enters with Freda and Maia seeing Tatiana again looks so confused.

Tatiana tries insulting Pablo that he can never be a successful flower grower if he wasn’t able to be as a bodyguard but Pablo puts her in her place and kicks her out of his office and she looks so mad.

Norma tells Maia that if Federico loves her and is willing to take care of the baby, she shouldn’t take away the baby’s right to grow up with a father because she speaks from experience since she denied Lupita of being with her father. Maia then nods her head to the sayings.

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