Waking up with you (Tuesday 8th August)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes,
Maia makes it clear to Federico and Othon that neither she nor Bernarda will go back to that house so they shouldn’t blackmail her.
Cindy cries in front of Pablo telling him that she is devastated by that situation of him leaving her to go stay in his new apartment with that girlfriend of his because she is evil.
Rufina advises Tatiana to win Ferney over because he is the shy and slow type and she doesn’t make that step, Ferney will never do it.
Rodolfo proposes to Freda in a very original way and Freda looks very happy but unfortunately she swallowed the ring whiles eating the pizza Rodolfo used to propose marriage to her but all the same she thinks Rodolfo is so Romantic and demands for another ring.
Cindy tells Pablo that the woman he’s leaving with will end up destroying them.
Flora asks Maia about her uncle Rafael if she is married and Maia says of course No because his wife rejected him and Flora says if that is so then she thinks Rafael will like her because she also likes him very much.
Christian warns Fabian to not attempts entering into his sister’s room again because if he does, he will have to face him and treat Jenny well and not break her heart otherwise he will have to face him. After Mosquito approaches Christian on why he hates Fabian so much and he says he likes him but he’s such a coward and wouldn’t like such a man for his sister and he tells Mosquito that he rather could be a great boyfriend for his sister. He then asks him to prepare a drink for him but Mosquito refused but he later accepts for the sake that Christian will help him get Jenny because he won’t give his sister away easily like that.
Othon says he misses his brother Rafael but the truth is they fought a lot and Federico advises Othon to look for his brother and reconcile with him.
Ferney is very angry towards Othon and Antonia’s statements in the magazine and he wants that the war between them ends if not that may even damage his company too.
Pablo asks Freda to tell him why Maia changed from one day to the other about her decision about her breakup with him, but Freda refuses to break a friendship pact with Maia but the truth is she is facing something which is very complicated because she is hiding a great secret.
Eligio tells Antonia that she made a mistake again making those statements because that could collapse their company more if Ferney decides to pull back.
Ferney goes to wait for Antonia and Othon and meeting Maia in the house, he asks her to keep him company whiles he waits for Othon and Antonia’s arrival.
Rafael discloses to Cindy about how Othon started feeling ashamed of him and their origins and just rejected the and immediately, Federico arrives with Othon to Rafael’s house so they talk to settle their differences and Cindy looks happy seeing him and demands from him some money to repair the seafood place and Rafael looks very ashamed and Othon says he is even facing more problems now.
Rodolfo comes back home for some documents and he gets nervous when he sees the children and says he is so glad that they are not going to have children and quickly, Freda looks confuse. Cindy tells Othon that she’s dying to know his house.
Fabian asks Mosquito how can he win Christian over and Mosquito tells him to stop being a coward.
Pablo arrives in Othon’s house and there Ferney tells him that he and Maia have been dating for some time and Maia asks him to shut up.
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