Waking up with you (Tuesday 18th April)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes,
Carmen thanks Ferney for keeping her informed about her family in her absence and promises him he won’t get fired because he’s part of the family; he’s afraid he will lose his job because Ismael asked him lots of questions. Carmen hugs him as Maia is coming in, and she asks them if they have a relationship.
Mosquito tells Silvestre that his mother hasn’t returned and since he doesn’t have a place to live, he sleeps in the car repair shop, inside one of the cars; he asks Silvestre not to tell anyone and Silvestre promises to help him.
Pablo gets mugged and they take his money and his passport.
Eligio tells Antonia that their company and their marriage are crumbling down, and he asks her to fight together so they don’t hurt their daughter Tatiana.
Rafael forces Cindy to attend a therapy session with a psychologist so she can get over Pablo since she is going insane over the breakup.
Federico tells Pablo that Maia fell in love with a doctor she went to Somalia with, and that they decided to stay there together; on top of that, he leaves Pablo alone to pay the check and puts him in a bind, so Pablo has to stay and wash the dishes.
Nestor impersonates “Vigilante” so he can trick Jenny Paola.
Ferney gets nervous when Ismael tells him that Othon asked him to unmask the spy who passed information to Carmen.
Maia confronts Ferney and she is shocked after he tells her that he can’t have a relationship with Carmen because he has always had feelings for her.
Cynthia is furious when she sees Antonia singing in her time slot at the radio station, and she tells Mauricio that Antonia is a terrible singer; the two of them end up singing together and the whole thing turned into a mess.
Tulia tells Rafael that they should remain friends regardless of what happens between their respective children.
The immigration police raids the restaurant where Pablo is washing dishes, and they demand to see everyone’s papers and Pablo has to hide so he never get caught.

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