Waking up with you (Thursday 10th August)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes,
Tulia overhears Pablo saying he has a daughter and she looks shocked and asks him if he really has a daughter and Pablo looks nervous and now wants to explain things to his mum but Alvaro refuses to let him and his reason that, Pablo should first let Maia and Tulia get to know each other before explaining to her about Bernarda, otherwise, Tulia wouldn’t accept Maia, and would hate her even more forever and ever.
Machul tells Amanda that the singing duel is a farce to ruin Antonia and Amanda looks very happy that at last they will disgrace Antonia.
Tatiana tries to invite Ferney out, but he tells her that he is in love with another woman and that it’s not the right time for him to go out with other women and Tatiana tells him that may be by the time he will also get the right time, she would also not be willing to go out with him too. She then left him hanging.
Cindy leaves her cell phone connected to the speakers of a car she is working on at the workplace, and that’s how Christian finds out that he is Santi’s real father because he overhears Cynthia in a voice mail telling Cindy if Christian is worried about Santi’s health then it could be that he find out that he is Santi’s biological father and not Pablo’s.
Christian then upon knowing that confronts Cindy and asks her if Santi is his son but she tells him that he misunderstood the voice mail, but Christian isn’t convinced, so he surreptitiously takes Cindy’s cell phone and asks Wilson to help him unlock it.
Ferney is surprised to learn that Bernarda is Pablo’s daughter.
Eligio goes to take classes with Carmen and he is very happy when Carmen calls Ferney to tell him that she accepts his job offer to work in “Flor Ferbal”.
Federico is upset because of what Pablo told him about Ferney and Maia, but he can’t get Maia to tell him anything about Ferney and rather Maia does ask him to talk to Othon about their divorce.
Freda wants to breakup with Rodolfo since he refuses to have babies with her but that is something she actually loves to have so that means’ they are incompatible and Rodolfo looks very hurt.
Cindy and Federico have a rapid encounter in Othon’s house and they agree to continue their plan to keep Pablo and Maia apart. But they didn’t count on Pablo showing up in Othon’s house asking to talk to Othon and Federico refuses to let him.
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