Waking up with you (Monday 20th March)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes,
Maia and Pablo dance outside a bar and he doesn’t realize that Antonia is the singer. Pablo wanted to spill the truth to Maia about his background but she misunderstand it thinking Pablo was going to propose to her and so she kisses him to tell him that she has also fallen deeply for him.

Rodolfo and Federico are still on the search for Maia’s mother since that is the only way to win Maia if not everything will go against him.

Later, Pablo runs into Antonia in disguise and he becomes so shocked at her dressing and asks her if she leaves a double life but Antonia wants him to keep it a secret since she only enjoys doing that other side of her for pleasure and not for money. Maia and Pablo go to sing at the bar to distract Maia from noticing Antonia while she goes back to her dressing room to change.

Tulia cries because her money was stolen, but she is comforted because she knows there will be a thorough police investigation, and Christian is worried about that.

Rafael tells Cindy that she shouldn’t marry Pablo and that he will keep on managing the car repair shop because he is not going to bequeath it to her since she has an explosive temper.

Jenny Paola chats online with Mosquito, not knowing that it’s him.

Antonia tells Pablo that he will keep on working for her and that she will straighten things out with Eligio her husband not to fire hmm.

Pablo confesses to Alvaro that he is falling in love with Maia; for her part, Maia tells Freda that she loves Pablo.

Antonia warns Pablo not to tell her secret to anyone or she will make sure he never finds another job. She then confesses to Pablo that she has been using him and Maia to close a deal with Othon, and Pablo reluctantly agrees to continue the pretense.

Antonia tells Eligio that her plan is for Pablo and Maia’s relationship to continue, so that Othon will have a major fit when he discovers that Pablo is not a millionaire but a lowly bodyguard.

Maia tells Pablo she doesn’t want him for his money. He and Maia then arrive at Antonia’s beach house, and even though he tries to act as if he is the owner, she thinks some of his sayings and actions are weird. Tito comes in and grabs a spear to hold them at bay because he thinks they’re burglars.

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