Waking up with you (Monday 19th June)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes,
Tulia cries when she remembers that Christian is in jail.
Cindy gets jealous to hear that somebody calls Pablo handsome at the dead’s party at the hospital and she gets furious. Pablo and Santi are with Maia in the hospital and Pablo offers Maia to entertain the children since the doctor who organized the party never came.
Federico tells Rodolfo that she has to win Maia over again if not Othon will never give him that 49%shares as he promised. Rodolfo then asks him to help him to win Freda back if he truly have that technic of wooing women and Federico thinks Rodolfo’s issues is useless as compared to his.
Pablo and Maia changes into their fancy wears and makeup and quickly, Maia stumbles and Pablo hugs her to avoid that she falls down and a kiss could have been displayed had it not been the interruption of Santi. So, Maia, Pablo and Santi have fun together with the children.
Ismael tells Othon that he is alone because he is always fighting with everybody but Othon says he has his daughter, Federico and others but Ishmael asks him to look for Rafael and talk to him.
Ulises and Some inmates beat up Christian and he truly looks so helpless and Nestor pretends to defend and help Christian from the hands of those people and he succeeds.
Pablo and Santi arrive at the garage and Cindy looking through their things gets furious after hearing from her son that one of Pablo’s friend gave him a gift and some candies.
Maia receives flowers and she thinks they are from Federico but Frederico also arrive to ask her where those flowers and Maia and Federico end up in an argument and he asks Flora to throw it away.
Ismael gets the telephone of the singer’s agent and Othon calls Machul looking for Amanda and Machul hangs up and Othon insists again and Amanda answers and they agree to meet to talk.
Maia asks Pablo on phone to asks if he was the one who sent her those flowers Pablo explains to Maia that he didn’t send her flowers because he knows she is a married woman and therefore wouldn’t do that to cause confusion between her and her husband.
Federico apologizes to Maia for the way he behaved and she says that getting married to him was a big mistake because it’s been 2yrs and there hasn’t been any improvement but Federico thinks there is more room for improvement.
Jenny finds Mosquito and runs after him to get him but he continues to run away from her because he thinks that Mosquito is a thief but a young man proves Jenny that Mosquito is no thief and she becomes embarrassed.
Cynthia arrives in the repair shop and finds Cindy upset and she explains to Cynthia that she thinks that Pablo is meeting his old love thus that same girl Pablo wanted to run away with her.
Othon meets Amanda in person and she asks him for orchids for her show and Machul arrives when Othon receives a phone call and he listens and Amanda tells Machul that Othon is an old man and he is very needy. Cindy emphasizes to Pablo that he is never to forget that she and Santi are his family and no one else. She then searches in Pablo’s wallet but she doesn’t find anything. Then she tries to seduce him and he doesn’t accept and she gets angry.
Maia recalls romantic moments lived with Pablo.
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