Waking up with you (Friday 17th March)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes,
Wilson and Cindy decide that she should call Pablo now that she is calm, but when she calls him Maia is the one who answers the call. Cindy tells Maia that she is Pablo’s girlfriend and Maia gets upset and storms out of the restaurant. Cindy as usual begins to nag over this asking who Maia is but Pablo hang up tries going after Maia but he is stopped by Mr. Lalo to pay Maia’s order and Pablo becomes ashamed since he has no money. But he explains things to them that his love for that girl makes him do stupid things to please her and Mr. Lalo lets Pablo leave the restaurant without paying the check so that he may go catch up with Maia.

Antonia tells Irma that Mr. Eligio didn’t come with her this time; Tito and Irma suspect that Antonia is back to her old ways and that she may even have a lover.
Maia tells Ferney that she is disappointed because Pablo lied to her; Ferney tells her that technically Pablo didn’t lie because they just met and she never asked if he had a girlfriend so she shouldn’t jump into conclusion since she never even asked Pablo if he has a girlfriend and Maia sees that Ferney is talking sense.

Jenny Paola finds it difficult to understand why her mum will make her do house chores but excludes her brother Christian out of the chores just because he is a man. But she thinks where she should have worked is may be a beauty Palor where she can learn to do makeup and other things pertaining to beauty.

Cindy complains bitterly to Wilson about Pablo cheating on her with another girl after they broke up but no matter what she will get married to Pablo. Wilson thinks she looks jealous but she careless about that and thinks he should leave her alone to reason because she wouldn’t sit there for Pablo to cheat on her. Wilson looks very hurt since he also loves Cindy very much.

Both Maia and Pablo looks everywhere to look for each other and they bumps into each other and clear the misunderstanding and think they should meet tonight.

Mrs. Tulia’s customers involves in a conversation with her customers about how their children are performing with their studies and some of the mothers starts complaining that at least they know about whatever their daughter does but as for she doesn’t because Paola sometimes posts trash comments about her on the internet. She never understood and so she turns to Mosquito to ask if he did understood what they said about Paola on the internet and he explains things to her and Tulia now understands that it means Paola has been loading videos on the internet and that is why she is distracted always.

Mr. Eligio is furious with the bodyguards when he finds out Antonia isn’t in her hotel room, and he fires Pablo telling him that although he is grateful because Pablo saved their lives, he is useless as a bodyguard.
Othon looks so angry at Maia for keeping so long before returning and therefore he imposes on her that whether she likes it or he will marry Federico but she says no.
Antonia dresses up and only she knows where she is going to and Tito and Irma wants to know that but she that there are things that must remain unsaid and so there is no point in trying to explain things to them.

Tulia scolds Jenny Paola because of the videos she uploads to the Internet but Silvestre (Paola’s grandpa) tells Tulia that she treats Christian better than Jenny Paola and she says it’s because Paola is a girl and don’t want her to spoil. Tulia clears the air with Jenny Paola and asks her to forgive her that she always treat her bad and she agrees that she uses makeup but wants to go through them to know the one she can use but the size of the makeup box even shocked her mum seriously.

Antonia calls Pablo and asks him to meet her at a place but Pablo tells her he’s been fired by her husband but he asks him not to worry but meet her still at a bar where she sings for pleasure and not for money since that is something she loves because she will see to solving that issue with her husband.

Wilson convinces Christian to steal Tulia’s money by telling him it’s just a loan which he can replace when he gains more money to do business with what he stole. So he goes with Wilson to break into his mum’s shop and stole all of her savings.

Someone calls Tulia to report about her store been broken into and Tulia, Christian and Silvestre say Jenny Paola is responsible for the burglary because her video shows Tulia putting the money in the small jewelry box and this makes Tulia scold Paola for been the cause of the stealing at her shop because those were all her saving for Rafeal.
Federico plans to get Maia’s mother to return home so she will help him convince Maia to agree to get back together with him and that Rodolfo thinks it’s a good idea and so he will assist him to look for her.

Maia and Pablo dance outside a bar and he doesn’t realize that Antonia is the singer. Pablo wanted to spill the truth to Maia about his background but she misunderstand it thinking Pablo was going to propose to her and so she kisses him to tell him that she has also fallen deeply for him.
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