Vivian Jill Lawrence celebrates birthday with the needy (+Photos)

On Friday, Kumasi based actress Vivian Jill Lawrence made a hefty donation for orphans and needy children at the Kumasi Children’s Hospital.

The event, which was part of the actress’ 32nd birthday celebration, was her way of giving back and helping the needy in society. Though she could have enjoyed at home with her numerous celebrity friends, Vivian decided to spend the day with the orphans.

She provided the children with food items, drinks and toiletries as a gesture to put smiles on the faces of the patients.

She also made a cash donation towards the upkeep of the patients with an LCD Plasma Television set. According to Vivian Jill Lawrence, she chose to spend her birthday with patient of the Orthopedic and Surgeon Department to put a smile on their faces.

In an interview with, the actress said, “I have a lot of reasons for coming to the children ward. But my main reason for doing this is that I enjoy doing this; it gives me a lot of happiness.

Dr Vicent Ativor (Orthopedic surgeon) Head of Department, who received the donations expressed their profound gratitude to the actress for her kind gesture and called for more of such support from the public.

Multiple award-winning actress, Vivian Jill Lawrence turned 32 years on Friday. She was born on 11th September 11, 1983, and happens to be one of the richest actresses in Ghana. | Credit: SeanCityGh | Vivian Jill Lawrence celebrates birthday with the needy (+Photos)

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