Veera episode 507/508 (Friday 21st April)

Today’s #veeraonadomtv,Ranvijay takes Veera to market Ranvijay defends his decision to reveal the truth to Harmeet. Ranvijay takes Veera to the market, much against Gunjan’s wishes. Baldev becomes jealous on learning about Ratan’s success. Ratan sends Veera to get Balwant’s signature on some documentsBansari conspires against Ratan Dalveer provides a room for the village women to work from. Baldev and Bansari decide to create discontent among the women. Baldev deliberately hurts Veera, Later he tries to sneak into her room to apologise. Gunjan wishes to spend some quality time with Ranvijay. Will Bansari’s plan to destroy the project succeed? .
 | Veera episode 507/508 (Friday 21st April)

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