Veera episode 505/506 (Thursday 20th April)

Today’s #veeraonadomtv,Baldev ruins the embroidery work Veera falls asleep in Gunjan’s bedroom. Seeing Veera in her bed, Gunjan becomes infuriated and drops a flower vase deliberately to wake her up. Baldev sneaks into Ratan’s house with the intent of ruining the embroidery she has worked on. What damage will he do?Harmeet gives Ranvijay a contract Veera brings the womenfolk together, in spite of Bansari’s efforts to hamper her. Harmeet arrives at Dalveer’s dhaba asking for Ranvijay’s address. On Ranvijay’s instruction, Dalveer tries to delay Harmeet. Later, Baldev meets Harmeet and takes him to Ranvijay’s house. Ranvijay apologises for not finishing the embroidered work on time. TUNE IN @4:00PM | Veera episode 505/506 (Thursday 20th April)

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