Veera episode 503/504 (Wednesday 19th April)

Today’s #veeraonadomtv,Ratan wins the election Veera and Ranvijay congratulate a jubilant Ratan for winning the election. She promises the villagers she will fulfill her duties as Sarpanch. Baldev’s defeat depresses him and Bansari decides to take revenge on Ratan. Balwant officially announces Ratan as the village head. Balwant introduces Ranvijay to Harmeet Ratan is furious because of Bansari and Baldev’s misbehaviour. Veera organises a party in Ratan’s honour. Ratan hands over her household responsibilities to Gunjan. Balwant unexpectedly meets his childhood friend, Harmeet. TUNE IN @4:00PM | Veera episode 503/504 (Wednesday 19th April)

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