Veera episode 493/494 (Wednesday 12th April)

Today’s #veeraonadomtv,Ranvijay’s rally is ruined Veera announces Ranvijay’s intention to speak to the villagers. Ranvijay and Baldev come face to face and Ranvijay makes way for Baldev. Later, Baldev and his supporters ruin Ranvijay’s rally. Ratan wonders at the poor showing as Ranvijay delivers his speech in front of just a few villagers.Veera decides to perform a street play Veera, disguised as a Sardar, enters the dhaba where Baldev is hosting a party. Baldev’s friends stop her and Dalveer. However, Baldev asks both of them to join the party. Later, Veera suggests that a street play, performed by her family, would help convey their intentions to the villagers.
 | Veera episode 493/494 (Wednesday 12th April)

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