Veera episode 459/460 (Monday 20th March)

Today’s #veeraonadomtv,Gunjan defends Ranvijay: Gunjan hides the jewellery under the sofa and deliberately drops her earring near it. Bansari then finds the jewellery herself. Ranvijay has not returned. Baldev criticises Ranvijay for staying out, but Gunjan comes to his defence. Is she falling in love with her husband? Ranvijay falls off the roof Gunjan tells Ranvijay she is grateful to him, but does not love him. Baldev tries new tactics to win over Veera. Ranvijay climbs on the roof to do some work on it and falls down. Will he be badly hurt?
 | Veera episode 459/460 (Monday 20th March)

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