Veera episode 455/456 (Thursday 16th March)

Today’s #veeraonadomtvThe travel agent dupes Gunjan Ratan comes to now that Gunjan is not at her maternal home. Gunjan is furious with the travel agent for duping her. He refuses to return the money. He tries to hurt her. Will Ranvijay and Veera find her in time? Ratan scolds Ranvijay Chaiji and Balwant are furious when Gunjan returns, but Ranvijay covers up for her. Ratan scolds Ranvijay. Meanwhile, Baldev wants to take Veera for a movie. Will she go with him? And why is Gunjan feeling guilty? TUNE IN @4:00PM
 | Veera episode 455/456 (Thursday 16th March)

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