Veera episode 381/382 (Monday 23rd January)

Today’s #veeraonadomtv,Ratan’s loan is sanctioned The villagers create a scene. Ranvijay defends Veera, when Baldev gets angry and blames her. What will happen to Veera? Meanwhile, Ratan and Ranvijay are happy as a bank officer sanctions the loan. Foreign University call for Karan Karan gets admission to a foreign university. Will Veera also be selected? Ranvijay tells Gunjan to be herself. Baldev and Karan go to see a potential site for his solar plant. Veera wants to go to a cyber cafe to find out about her selection. Will Balwant let her go? Tune in @4:00pm | Veera episode 381/382 (Monday 23rd January)

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