Veera episode 363/364 (Tuesday 10th January)

Todays #veeraonadomtv,Veera clashes with Baldev While Ratan tackles a new problem, the boys in Pritampura fall for Veera. Ranvijay apologises to his mother. Later, Veera argues with Baldev over a pandal. Meanwhile, Ranvijay fails to get a loan to take back his land from SurjeetVeera learns a truth Balwant and Bansari have opposite reactions on seeing Veera as she comes to complain about Baldev. Unable to manage help, Veera decides to remove the pandal herself. Veera tells Karan about Baldev. Chaiji later overhears Ratan’s conversation with Surjeet about their land.TUNE IN @4:00PM | Veera episode 363/364 (Tuesday 10th January)

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