Veera episode 361/362 (Monday 9th January)

todays #veeraonadomtv,Veera’s return Karan confesses to Veera and apologises to Ranvijay. She gets an emotional farewell from the school. Later, the villagers give an overwhelming welcome to the now grown up Veera, who reminds Ratan of Amruta.A few surprises for Ranvijay Veera surprises Ranvijay with her newly acquired skills on his motorbike. Baldev’s prank gets Veera injured, but she takes revenge by spilling mud on him. Meanwhile, Ranvijay is hurt on learning about his mother’s feelings towards Veera, who later lies to Ranvijay about Karan.TUNE IN @4:00PM | Veera episode 361/362 (Monday 9th January)

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