Veera episode 29/30 (Tuesday 5th July)

On today’s ‪#‎veeraonadomtv‬, Ranvijay is found!
Chaiji, Ratan and the villagers find Ranvijay unconscious in the jungle. Ratan takes him to the hospital, where his condition is declared to be critical. But even in a semi-conscious state, Ranvijay keeps muttering Veera’s name. Will this force Ratan to bring her back?
Touched by Ranvijay’s pure love for his sister, the villagers pray for his recovery. Having realized her mistake, Ratan goes back to the orphanage to bring Veera back. But she’s unaware of the fact that baby Veera has been hospitalized, too!

Tune in @4pm!!! | Veera episode 29/30 (Tuesday 5th July)

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