Veera episode 211/212 (Thursday 1st December)

todays #veeraonadomtv Experiencing village life
Ranvijay stops Veera from getting nosy about the guests. But Veera manages to be at Balwant’s house and makes fun of Bansari. Meanwhile, Aishwarya complains about Gunjan touching her stuff. Her father on the other hand wants the children to enjoy rustic life.
Veera catapults Amar’s helicopter. Ratan is surprised by Bansari’s makeover while inviting the guests for dinner. Meanwhile, Ranvijay and Aishwarya have a little bet, in which the loser has to pay a thousand bucks. But Ranvijay rushes to help midway through the race. TUNE IN @4:00PM | Veera episode 211/212 (Thursday 1st December)

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