Updated – The Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Pics

What, you don’t care?

Neither do I, friends, but some people get off on this stuff – and others are making around R7 million per post  (HERE).

Last year around this time we showed you that Selena was ruling the roost (HERE), so I guess it’s time we waded back in.

I’m going to keep it nice and short, if you don’t mind.

10: Selena Gomez – 2,4 million likes:

9: Beyonce – 2,5 million likes

8: Kim Kardashian – 2,5 million likes

Bored? Me too, so if you want the full top 10 click HERE. Let’s just skip ahead to the picture that is causing all the reshuffling.

It’s Beyonce, again, this time with twins Sir Carter and Rumi. Despite being posted just three days ago, it is rapidly approaching 10 million likes.

That puts it in second place:

Who rules the roost? Have a guess, you got this.

Yes, it’s Beyonce again with the twins pregnancy shot – more than 11 million likes:

And that’s why they call her the queen.

Looks like Selena’s snap, as well as a few others, were taken with an iPhone. You know where to get your iPhones, right?

Go forth and rack up those likes.


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