Top 4 Myths about Female Orgasms you should throw away!

There are so many myths about the female orgasm. It is exotic, elusive, enigmatic and oh so mystical. A lot of men seem to fear it’s power and since knowledge about it is quite scarce, myths and assumptions spread like wildfire.

However, in recent times, it has become widely accepted that women no longer have sex just to reproduce but for pleasure too.

Below are some myths about female orgasms that need to die off already.

1. It’s Rare

Some people think it’s almost impossible to get a woman to orgasm. Some believe it’s only a fellow woman that can make a woman reach climax. I mean, where do they even get these ideas from? The truth is, while it may take us a while to orgasm, it doesn’t mean we do not at all.

Women have been “orgasming” since forever. Ask your mum, she’d tell you. (Eww, no don’t!)

2. Everyone Has Them

Another common myth is that everyone has the ability to have orgasms and if you don’t, something is terribly wrong with you. Relax girl, if you can’t reach an orgasm, you’re not alone and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!

3. A Woman Has To Orgasm In Order To Enjoy Sex

Lots and lots of women have definitely enjoyed their time in bed without reaching an orgasm. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but other times they don’t even realise it. Yes, It’s that great.

4. Women Don’t Like Quickies

Hello, we like to get down and dirty and get it done fast too! Have you seen Sex and the CityMistresses? Power? Or even talked to a woman? Women are busy and also have needs. Yes, almost all the time. So guess again!

So ladies, pay no heed to these myths and go have fun! | Credit: | Top 4 Myths about Female Orgasms you should throw away!

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