Thomas Party: Ghana midfielder participates in presentation of the book 'Convivir con el 15Q

Thomas Partey and Atletico Madrid Foundation attended the presentation of the book 'Convivir con el 15Q'

Ghana midfielder Thomas Partey, in collaboration with the Atletico de Madrid Foundation, attended the presentation of the book ‘Convivir con el 15Q’ which took place on the morning of March 8th in Plaza de España.

 A book that tells the daily life of families with children affected by this syndrome. All the money raised with its sale will be destined to the investigation of the same.

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Chromosome 15Q Duplication Inversion Syndrome, also known as partial tetrasomy of chromosome 15, is a rare chromosomal abnormality characterized clinically by a variable degree of intellectual disability, delayed psychomotor development and speech development, hypotonia with tendency to Develop progressive hypertonia, minor facial anomalies, epilepsy, and autism spectrum disorder. It is classified as a rare disease and affects 1 in 30,000 children.

Carlos Carlos Sicilia, vice president of the Inversión Duplicación del Cromosoma 15Q, was in charge of presenting the book. He was also accompanied by Teresa Leché, president of the 15Q Foundation and Abraham de las Peñas, member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (ERDF).

The Inversión Duplicación del Cromosoma 15Q is a non-profit organization formed on June 5, 2014, which seeks to promote and promote research on this disease in order to obtain a cure. In addition, it seeks to find suitable medicines that reduce symptoms, improve the quality of life of those affected, promote their social integration and boost their rights, so that they receive medical care without any discrimination.

On the other hand, the Foundation has enabled a collection point for plastic stoppers in the Solidarity Market that the foundation has installed, until next March 19, in the Plaza de España in Madrid.

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