Things you might not know about Hausa people (PHOTOS)

Hausa people

Nigeria is blessed with so many tribes and it is beautiful. However, having many cultures and traditions available to us, can soon make us forget the richness that is packed in a single one.

Hausa people

Consequently, it is easy for us to misjudge certain tribes and cultures and fill our minds with many wrong stereotypes about them. Particularly, the Hausa people have a very interesting culture and their traditions are a lot different from various tribes. Just so we do not wrongly represent the Hausas and their cultural practices, it is important to get the facts straight.

Also, beyond culture, there are other things we should bear in mind about Hausas. Here are some of them.

  • They are majorly Muslims

While this might seem implied, it is worthy of notable mention. The Hausas are predominantly Muslims and they are known to be very dedicated to their religion. Not just are they Muslims, but interestingly, they are considered the 4th largest Muslim bloc in the world.

  • They are the largest ethnic group in Nigeria

Hausa people

With the hundreds of ethnic groups in Nigeria, and the many states they all fall under, the Hausas are still the largest ethnic group in Nigeria. They represent over 18.5% of the Nigerian population, as shown by census. There are really so much of them.

  • They are highly influential

Hausa people

Judging by the amount of Hausas we can find in politics and the power of their traditional leadership, you can tell that the Hausas are highly influential. In terms of religion, they are powerful and in politics, they rule. They are widely connected and they know how to make good use of the opportunities that come their way.

  • Marring into their tribe isn’t so expensive

Forget about the high bride prices that many other tribes require from you, the Hausas are more concerned in following their traditions and Islamic rites to the letter. The method of also getting a lady to be your wife is also a little different – you would have to seek the consent of your bride’s parents before you can ask her to marry you. They are also very religious, so romance and courting before marriage is disallowed.

  • Their traditions are unique and they follow it to the end

As you can already tell, the Hausas are extremely strict with their traditions as well as their religion. They ensure that they pray 5 times a day as stipulated. When it comes to law, they initially believed completely in the Sharia law. Lately, however, much of that has been supressed by national laws.

  • They are rich when it comes to food

Hausa people

Hausa meals are not very popular in western or eastern states, but they sure have a wide array of servings. Millet and sougurm based meals like Tuwo, are served with soups like Kaka, Tuashe and so on. They also consume a lot of meat like Suya and Kilishi, and they love their milk drinks fura and nunu.

They are also very hospitable and friendly. Their dressing is also a lot different as we can all observe. They are generally wonderful people. | Credit:

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