The Western Cape Government Has Zero Chill With The Latest #ItCanWait Ad [Video]

Sometimes you need to step things up in order to drive your message home.

That’s certainly the case with the Western Cape government’s latest advert for the #ItCanWait campaign, and given that just about everyone is guilty of tinkering with their phones whilst driving it’s a lesson we can all take on board.

That includes you and your ‘I only voice note’ vibes, so strap in and check out this one below.

We all hate that cheesy ‘candid camera’ prank music, but wait it out:

[embedded content]

Yeah, it got real.

Do you really need to Facebook while the light is red? Do you really need to scroll through your Instagram feed at cruising speed?

Arrive alive, friends – and if you want to text whilst on the road, go ahead and grab yourself an Uber.

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