The Tempest episode 77 (Tuesday 10th November)

The TempestComing up today on The Tempest (Episode 77)..

Damian tells esthercita he feels sorry for her because she is a frivolous woman who cares only about herself and doesn’t understand that a parent will do anything whatsoever out of love for his or her child; and, that it doesn’t matter where one is as long as one can be with one’s child.
He tells her to stop demanding her rights because she has not earned them.

Hernan tells fulgencio that he should not be upset that he (Hernan) is now the new leader; and that the members of the organization decided it.

Fulgencio tells him he pressed them.

Macario tells Hernan not to trust Fulgencio.

Nereo harasses Jazmin. Rosario sees her and when she gets home. She slaps her accusing her of flirting with nereo and forces her to do all the heavy housework to make her miscarry the child she is expecting.

Damian asks Mrs Mercedes to watch over his baby while he takes care of some matters. Esthercita tells him that that is what she is there for.

Damian tells Esthercita she was not there when her baby needed her the most. Esthercita tells him he is humiliating her and that he is going to regret it.

Blas tells Ernesto that Hernan is the new leader and that the members of the organization had no choice but to accept; that the only one who showed his disapproval was Fulgencio.

Ernesto tells him Hernan can enjoy his reign while it lasts.

Fulgencio tells mercedes that the leader of the organization hates her and is going to try to destroy her; He tells her to watch her businesses and her finances. Mercedes thanks him for the information and she asks him never to go see her again.

Esthercita tells hernan that damian doesn’t want to give the baby back to her. Hernan tells her Damian is going to have to give the baby back to her whether he likes it or not.

Fulgencio tells delfina he is going to build a hospital with father Tomas’ name and, mixed up among the papers of the plot of land, he gives her her will which, without knowing it, she endorses in his favor.

Hernan visits marina, leaving the door open so Esthercita and Ursula can go inside to steal the baby. Damian arrives to pick up his baby and is worried when he realizes the baby is not there; he receives a call from Esthercita telling him that she has her baby with her and that if he wants to be with his son, he will have to go live with her or else, he will never see her baby again.

Jose tells Damian that Esthercita committed a crime by taking the baby away with her without his authorization; that,
Besides that, she trespassed into private property; that what she did is kidnapping.

Damian is determined to denounce esthercita but marina convinces him not to do so; she tells him that what esthercita did is not what matters, that he must think about his son. Damian tells her that when he found out he was the father of a child with a woman he does not love, he felt happy so, he can imagine how much happier he will be if she ever tells him she is expecting his child. | The Tempest episode 77 (Tuesday 10th November)

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