Terrifying Moment An Acrobat Fell To His Death At A Spanish Music Festival [Video]

That’s Pedro Aunion Monroy above, the 42-year-old acrobat who died in tragic circumstances over the weekend.

Performing at the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid on Friday night, Monroy fell an estimated 30 metres from a suspended cage in front of a crowd of 35 000 people.

The accident happened just before the festival’s headline act, Green Day, were due to take to the stage.

Here’s the video showing the moment Monroy fell from the cage – be warned that it’s not easy viewing:

[embedded content]

From RT:

Initially, spectators assumed the performer’s fall was part of the show, but the tragic nature of the situation became apparent when paramedics rushed in to help. Despite medical efforts at the scene, Aunion died.

Not long after the incident, Green Day took to the stage to begin their set. Many spectators took issue with the American band and the festival organizers [sic] for not acknowledging the tragedy that had just taken place.

Green Day later tweeted that they only learned of Aunion’s death after the show, and extended their condolences to his friends and family.

A sad reminder of how badly things can go wrong in the world of high-risk acrobatics.


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