Strange Love episode 42 (Wednesday 6th July)

Today’s #strangeloveonjoyprime, Arnav’s family is surprised to see him calm. Meanwhile, Khushi is overwhelmed with Arnav’s apology. Later, Arnav disappoints Lavanya by speaking against marriage. Khushi however, dresses up Lavanya like a bride to impress Arnav. Shashi on the other hand, enquires about Shyam’s background.
Arnav scolds Lavanya and Khushi, and makes it clear that he does not want to get married. Lavanya leaves the house and Arnav asks Khushi to quit her job. She tries to defend Lavanya and explain her view to Arnav. Will Arnav listen?

Tune in @ 6:00pm!!! | Strange Love episode 42 (Wednesday 6th July)

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