Strange Love episode 40 (Monday 4th July)

Today’s #strangeloveonjoyprime, Shashi reveals his doubts about Shyam to Garima. Meanwhile, Anjali is upset when Shyam tells her he will be late for her parents’ death anniversary ceremony. Shashi overhears their conversation and asks Shyam about Anjali. Later, Khushi apologises to Arnav for her misbehaviour, but he shouts back.
Arnav asks Khushi to leave the house. Anjali tries to console her while she misses her parents. Meanwhile, Shyam learns about Shashi’s heart disease. Shashi tries to retrieve Anjali’s number from Shyam’s phone. Anjali is upset with Shyam for being late for the pooja.

Tune in @ 6:00pm!!! | Strange Love episode 40 (Monday 4th July)

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