Strange Love episode 39 (Friday 1st July)

Today’s #strangeloveonjoyprime, Lavanya comes to office with Arnav’s lunch, but he berates her for becoming like Khushi. Meanwhile, Khushi tries to console her father when he feels guilty for the financial crisis. Later, Khushi tries to avoid confrontation with Arnav. Madhumati discusses Shyam as a prospective groom for Khushi.
Arnav blocks Khushi’s way and shouts at her. She insults him back. Meanwhile, the fuse goes off while Lavanya replaces a bulb. She fixes it herself to save Khushi. Later, Shashi shares his apprehensions about Shyam with Garima. Arnav becomes emotional about the time spent with his parents.

Tune in @ 6:00pm!!! | Strange Love episode 39 (Friday 1st July)

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