Strange Love episode 152 (Monday 12th December)

Today’s #strangeloveonjoyprime, Anjali meets Madhumati and Garima when they take Shashi to the hospital. Anjali learns that Madhumati is not sick and that Khushi and Arnav lied to her. Arnav orders Khushi to return to Shantivan. When she refuses, Arnav threatens to tell her family about their contract marriage.Arnav brings Khushi back home. Akash returns from Mumbai. On the days of Rakhi, Arnav wears a set of traditional clothes gifted to him by Anjali. Anjali ties rakhi to Arnav, Akash and Nandkishore. She receives a call from someone and hides it from the family. What is she hiding?Tune in @6pm!!! | Strange Love episode 152 (Monday 12th December)

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