Strange Love episode 141 (Friday 25th November)

Today’s #strangeloveonjoyprime Khushi exposes Shyam’s intention for kidnapping Arnav. Shyam denies, and asks her to prove the same. Anjali does not believe that Shyam is the culprit. Meanwhile, Nandkishore enters and corroborates Khushi’s claim.Shyam accuses Khushi of tainting his image, while Manorma asks Payal to not defend Khushi. When Nandkishore talks about the pen drive and the will, Shyam hides the drive. Anjali disbelieves Khushi and Nandkishore. Manorama says Khushi asked Shyam to divorce Anjali.Tune in @6:00pm | Strange Love episode 141 (Friday 25th November)

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