My songs are enjoyed by presidents – Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong

Renowned musician and a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church(S.D.A.) Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong has explained to Flex newspaper that, his songs are not only enjoyed by his fellow Adventist but are as well enjoyed by the majority of the Ghanaian public including the two immediate past presidents of the country.

Before gaining industry recognition, it was perceived that Adventist normally don’t win awards because their songs are not commercial until this whole perception was changed by Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong. Today, his songs have become so commercial making him one of the strongest contenders in the gospel fraternity, his style has drawn much attention to the Adventist way of doing music and yet he has not received any honours by ways of awards.

“In the year 2007, 2008, I got about 6-8 nomination with my Akokofunu album in the VGMA’s but they didn’t give me even one, to the glory of God, the album in the year was the highest sold in this country. The cockroach can dance very well but the possibility of the hen allowing it is the problem,” he said.“I remember former president Kuffour asked me if there was another criteria from the normal one that we know for winning an award because he didn’t understand why I hadn’t won an award yet,” he added.

He further stated that Ex-president John Dramani Mahama also had once asked him same question when he invited him to his house few months ago.

“To him, Akokofunu was the best album in the year 2008 and didn’t understand why I haven’t won an award with it,” Isaiah said.

“I have 15 albums and still more to come and I am never discouraged by this at all. I will continue to do more because, for two great personalities like former president Kuffour and Ex-president John Dramani Mahama to appreciate my efforts, i am grateful to God,” he concluded.
 | Credit: Flex Newspaper | My songs are enjoyed by presidents – Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong

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