Simply Maria (Sunday 8th January)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in todays episode,
Maria arrives home to tell Pina that Cris actually had a relationship with Dolores and Pina becomes speechless but Pina thinks Cris only was afraid to spill the truth about that relationship because it could be he thought Maria will change her mind about marrying him but Maria says if he could have admitted that before her she would have forgiven him but Cris still denied having anything between him and Dolores so she is no more going to trust any man again since everything proves to her that she is not meant to love.

Vasty arrives at the hospital to see Alejandro back in Mexico and she looks so shocked seeing him and she questions what he is doing in Mexico when he has lots of works to take care in San Marcos Texas but he tells her he came back to check on his father

Feli looks so shocked that Maria actually believes the lies of others than believing in her son since she knows Cristobal better than those people and Cristobal says Maria seems so sure about Zoe, Sonia and Normas sayings than his but he can say she is only moved by jealousy that she cant different between a lie and truth but Feli calms him down and so does Cris wish for Maria that she calms down the next day and listen to reason so they can be together.

Loreano tells the good news to Pina about the doctors confirmation that he is now a real man who can produce children and Pina becomes so happy.

Juan Pablo and Claudia bump into Ivan and Lucia at the bar but it seems Juan Pablos heart jumps with jealousy and she tells Claudia that he cant go out with her again since she cant seem to forget Lucia least to think of leaving her for that jerk Ivan since she is the woman of his life. Claudia tries accusing Juan for allowing her to sleep with him and now wants to dump her but Juan states that, he never forced her to do that and also all along he made it known to her that he hasnt forgotten Lucia so there is no point blaming him for something they both enjoyed. Claudia then swears to make Juan pay for hurting her.

Rodrigo convinces himself that he will do everything to win Maria. In the same vein, Alejandro also imagines and recollects his recent encounter with Maria and he also encourages himself that no matter what he will fight for Maria. At that same time, Cristobal also thinks about the hard words Maria Says to him and seriously it hurts him a lot. At that same moment, Maria also tells herself that, her heart is only going to be for her son and no man will ever take that place.

Alejandro goes over to see Maria but Juan Pablo still thinks he has no right to be there because he wants Ale to know that he mum is engaged to Cristobal and very soon they will marry but Maria answers him straight away that her engagement with Cristobal is broken. She then request that they go to the workplace have a talk there with Alejandro. Alejandro then take the opportunity to propose to her again to give him another chance since her engagement with Cris is broken but Maria refuses to give him an answer.

Juan Pablo goes to see Cris to ask about why he and his mum broke up their engagement and after telling him everything, Juan thinks Cris should still make his mum see the truth if not the possibility of her giving Alejandro a chance is very high since shes started accepting his friendship.

Cristobal feels Marias office with bunch of flowers but upon seeing it, she asked Norma to take them out because she perfectly knows where they come from but it doesnt move her.
Maria continues to avoid Cristobal but he asks her to stop treating him like a complete stranger but Maria states that, that is how it is going to be between them thus completely professional and Cris thinks it sounds Ridiculous. Maria tells him if he thinks he cant then he should submit her resignation letter and Cris looks so shocked at Marias behavior.

Rodrigo expresses his feeling for Maria to Alejandro and he becomes nervous so he tells him that he only brought Maria there for him to be her doctor but not her romantic doctor but Rodrigo thinks, since Maria is single he can also fifth for her love as he (Ale) is doing. Alejandro takes Maria to see him and after Ale tells Maria that he would like to be her personal doctor but Maria says she prefers Rodrigo to be since she is now fond of him and Alejandro becomes disappointed in himself for bringing Maria there.

Rodrigo escorts Maria out and Vasty upon seeing Maria there confronts Rodrigo who the hell asked him to receive that maid in their hospital but he asked her to not try insulting his patient. Maria then asked Rodrigo not to worry about her since she is already aware that Vasty has no manners so he is not to allow her sir name to fool him because she always acts like a piece of rag. Vasty not being able to contain it slaps Maria severely and Alejandro shouts at her to stop but the slap has already been given.
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