Simply Maria (Sunday 19th March)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,
Enrique orders champagne and seriously he drugs the drink without Maria’s notice and after taking the drink she goes so unconscious and he takes her to his bed and stating that he would have loved to have sex with her at that moment but won’t do it rather will wait till Maria begs him to do it.

Cristobal returns home since the hotel attendant refuses to let him go see his wife since that is the order of Enrique and Maria’s phone is also not going through and so he returns home to inform Pina and Loreano and Pina decides to go to the place to get Maria back even if it will take her to fight those people.

So she goes and warn the front desk lady that if she dares to joke with her she will cause a scandal and so she calls Enrique to inform him and she is asked to go inside. Upon reaching there, she saw Maria half naked in in bed rapped with the bed spread and as she shouts to ask her to wake up asking her why she has to go to bed with Enrique and Maria now realizes she is naked and looks so worried and Enrique enters to tell her that, it was a magical evening because she truly took him to heaven since still remembers the test of her skin but Maria doesn’t remember anything except a kiss Enrique gave him. Pina helps her to dress up and they left home. After they left, Enrique’s guard brings Maria’s phone and he asks him to give it to the front desk attendant so she can give it back to Maria in case she comes asking for it and he adds that everything turned out as how he planned it and it shows how weak Maria is and toasts to his success in his plan because he practically know that it won’t take her long to confess her sin to Cristobal and that actually will be the end of their marriage.

Maria and Pina arrives home and Cristobal asks her why she never called to ask him to pick her up or to tell him she will be home late and could have even go with the chauffeur and she says she lost her phone and the man helping her Enrique with partnership documentation kept so long before bringing it and that is how come she is returning home this evening.

Pina thinks it’s time for Maria to rest because she had some wine to celebrate at the meeting so she feels dizzy. Cristobal then asks Maria when she started taking in wine on business meetings and truly this made him more confused but Maria wants them to talk tomorrow.

She enters with Pina and tells her that she has to confess to Cristobal but Pina thinks there is no point in doing so as that will only complicate things which might even end up in divorce. Cristobal goes to her to talk with her because he saw Maria is really down but still Maria is not ready to talk and continues to rejects him since she can’t even look into Cristobal’s eyes.

The household look for Inocencio and they all think he has to go back to the rehab to overcome this alcoholism so they all contribute their quota to assist in that after finding him.

The next morning, Cristobal is ready for work and as usual wants to give a goodbye kiss to Maria but she rejects him again and Cristobal becomes more confused that upon picking back he forgets his file and decides to go back for it and that moment Pina enters and Maria tells her it hurts her that she allowed that too happened though she can’t reason on how she got into the arms of that count. Unfortunately, Cristobal overhears it and asks her if what she said was true and Maria admitted it. Cristobal then states that he always knew Enrique was up to something but he never imagines Maria would have accepted to be with that Enrique to be unfaithful to her husband and so he becomes very disappointed in her because she was someone he actually trusted and love above every woman.

He picks his file to go straight to confront Enrique for ruining his marriage and Enrique says he is sorry that his wife never took long to tell him their great intimacy.

Heriberto helps Vasty to change her identification so she can move freely without having to fear being caught and she looks so pleased since her name is now Catalina.

Cristobal goes to inform his mum about the situation but she wants him to let Maria explain things to him because she still finds it hard to believe Maria doing something like that and Cris says he also wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t come out from Maria’s mouth and therefore he can’t forgive her.

Maria arrives right after Cris left and after Feli tells her Cris is not at home, she asks her if what she heard is true and Maria admits it but pleads with Feli to help her speak with Cris since she truly love him but Feli thinks if what Tavo did to Coral is unforgivable then her is worse than that to sleep with another man something she never though Maria could be capable of doing so she asks her to leave since she’s disappointed her.

Maria collapses and Pina calls her doctor and Alejandro goes with him to check on her

Cris goes to pack his things and he left to the boarding house and Maria pleads with him not to but should insult her all he want but Cris don’t want to say anything he might regret later but she says all he can says is she’s lost his love, admiration, respect and trust. Juan Pablo overhears it and he goes to confront Enrique too.

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 | Simply Maria (Sunday 19th March)

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