Simply Maria (Sunday 11th September)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in todays episode;

Georgina gave up her last breath and it falls on the family in deep storm. Vasty tries withholding her tears but Hotencia advises her to let the tears out since it is not good for her and she tells her she isnt interested in maids advice. In the same vein, Marco consoles Alejandro and he thinks that his mum meeting Maria and discovering about the terrible thing he did caused her death because it may be that after knowing about his son.

Adolfo tells Hotencia not to reveal that secret of Vasty to her because it will only hurt her deeply after knowing that therefore Hotencia should allow those secrets to also die with Georgina. She again let him know that Georgina wanted to give her assets to Alejandro so he can get married to Maria and since the lawyer wasnt there for her to sign; he has to do so for Alejandro but Adolfo thinks there is no point in signing those document just because it was a last wish of Georgina because the fact is Alejandro wouldnt know what to do with that kind of Money or assets and also it is because of the visit of that maid which caused his wifes death therefore he is not going to support that cursed relationship.

Vasty is hurt very much that her mum could keep such sickness a secret from them and Alejandro thinks if they had known, they could have spent more time with her but Vasty thinks that couldnt have change anything.

Coincidentally, Maria and Cristobal witness sleepiness night and upon bumping into each other on the compound, they untie each others worry with their chat and Maria thinks if she had witnessed this at their village, some friends will just come along and help her to untie this mystery with lots of conversation and by the time they realize, all the boredom will disappear. Cristóbal thinks life isnt as she describes but he wished also that he would have seen as she does as simple because talking to her makes him feel a lot better.

At the funeral palor, Karina and Estela arrive also to give their condolence and Karina seizes the opportunity to convince Cristobal to allow them to make up but Alejandros mind is made up. She goes to threaten Vasty to help her gain back Alejandro if not she is going to tell about the accident and since the pressure was too much, Vasty intentionally shed crocodile tears to frame a nice lie about the whole accident to Alejandro that Karina was the one who hit Maria with her car though unintentionally but the point is Karina is trying to frame it in a way to blackmail her to him just because she couldnt make him love her again. Alejandro then believed Vastys words and he becomes so furious about Karina telling her that he is much disappointed in her thinking that she could use search blackmail to get back with him because his mind is made up and will never ever get back with her.
Maria still continues to think about Georgina and the kindness she showed towards her when they went to the house, so she tells Pina that she would like to go see her and then show her her grandson so she could calm her down because she could tell that Georgina looked really worried upon hearing that she and Ale had a son. Pina thinks their visit could be misinterpreted as rather coming there for money but Maria thinks the thought of people doesnt concern her but all she wishes is to show the woman that she isnt disrespectful. So Pina accepts to go with her unwillingly but unfortunately the security guard tells them that the Lady isnt in the house and doesnt know when she will come back so they have to leave.

The lawyer of Georgina arrives at the Funeral palor and after telling Adolfo about his wifes final wish with her WILL, he tells him that his wife was not thinking straight in making that decision therefore he is going to take charge of those assets until he can tell his son is matured to have them.

At the funeral, Adolfo asks Karina about how far she is going with her relationship with his son and she lets everything out that all is very bad because they broke up but she wishes that Alejandro think things over and makeup with her. Adolfo prays same and advises her to take time because Alejandro sometimes at on an impulse and therefore should forgive him.

Estelas mouth slips and she tells Adolfo about Vastys decision of getting married to Didier thinking the man knew something about it and this was after she gave him her consolation message. Adolfo then requested to know more about what she said but she pleaded with him to forgive her for being such a gossip monger. Adolfo then looked at the image of Georgina to ask her if Vasty might have mentioned her wedding to her since she was more closer to the kids more than him and the fact is she is indeed the love of his life and his friend and that he I truly going to miss her very much and his life will never be the same without her.

After Maria told Cristobal about her visit to Alejandros house, he becomes disturbed and questions her as to why she has to go there and Maria says she went there to apologize to them but Cristobal thinks she is the one to do so rather they should apologize but Maria says all she wanted to do was to make the woman understand that she and her son are through with their relationship but if she always wishes to see her grandson she is welcome. Cristobal thinks its hard time Maria stops worrying about what others and focus on her life because that will help her.

Didier comes to the funeral and Adolfo requests to see him in his house after the funeral to have a talk and tension takes over Vasty and Didier. Didier asks Vasty why she isnt in deep pain after losing her mum and she tells him that, its because she already psyched her mind after knowing the kind of sickness that her mum was facing she got used to the fact that she was going to die but Didier thinks even with that she is a cold and heartless person. They have a burial service for her and that is it.





















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