Simply Maria (Saturday 7th January)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in todays episode,
Maria looks so disappointed as she recollects Sonias statement to her about Cristobal cheating on her with Dolores, Normas statement and now Dolores statement and one could see there is confusion galore in her head but hopes they are not true.

Cristobal goes to see Nayeli at her workplace to speak sense into her to come back home stay away from that man but she still refuses to listen but keeps on defending Ulises.

Cristobal arrives at his office and Dolores goes to see him to tell him the truth about faking things to Zoe that she was his girlfriend which she only said that to help him get rid of Zoe forever but she doesnt want anyone to misinterpret things to him which is why shes come to let him know and Cristobal wonders why she did that since that could cause him great trouble but she sheds crocodile tears to beg him not to get angry with her and in the act, she perks him and seriously, Maria was about entering Cris office and upon seeing that, she becomes heartbroken and believed right there that something is indeed going on with between them.

Zoe also arrives and she attacks Dolores upon seeing her beside Cristobal but Maria enters to ask her out of her factory and after Zoe left, Dolores also followed so Maria and Cris can have a talk. She then tells him that, she now believes all that Sonia said about his affair with Dolores because she saw them kissing and that makes him an unfaithful man and not that man of integrity she knew. Cristobal finds it difficult understanding her and even would like to clear things to Maria about the whole mess Dolores and Zoe are creating but she refuses to give him the chance least to think of believing him after he told her nothing is between him and Dolores because its Cristobals words against Sonia, Norma, Dolores and Zoe.

Maria then becomes so devastated and suffocates so she goes to get some air and there she bumps into Alejandro and quickly she collapses but he takes her inside her office to revive her.

Alejandro then asks her about why she looks so depressed but she thinks there is no point discussing her private life with him. She tries getting up but she almost faints again and so Ale takes her to the hospital to introduce her to Dr. Rodrigo to be Marias doctor and asks him to take care of her very well since she is the mother of his son and the woman he should have married. Rodrigo takes her inside to check on her and after, he asks her to stop calling him doctor and call him by his first name and it seems he is also interested in her.

After several treatment received by Loreano, the doctor diagnose him this time and waaooo now he can call himself a man who can now be able to impregnate his wife and he looks so happy.

Marco invites Estela out and he tells her that he regrets Marrying Vasty because he realize it was only obsession and not love and that she (Estela) was the actual woman of his life.

Alejandro takes Maria back to the workplace and after he left, Cristobal speaks with her to allow him to clear things and stop acting childishly because there is no one in his life apart from her since she even knows him better than anyone but now she believes others more than him but she still believes there is nothing to talk about Cris is the worst kind of man shes ever come across and this pinned Cris heart. She then kicked him out of her office and tells him that she doesnt want to have anything to do with him again because hes broken her trust for him.

Cristobal tells Dolores about how Maria has taken the whole issue she made up and she accepts to go speak with Maria to clear things with her since she cant stand seeing him sad.

Loreano tries making Maria to see things clear but she prefers to believe or stick to the one shes heard than believing in Cristobal again

Dolores goes to see Maria to fake some tears to tell her that, she cant stand seeing Cristobal bothered as he is suffering so much cos of her and she knows how much he loves her (Maria) so shes decided to move aside and give up what they had and she pleads that the conversation stays between them since she is opening her heart to her by telling her Cristobal indeed brought up in her a beautiful love but everything changed immediately she (Maria) admitted that she loved him but she never reproach him for choosing her because she chose what is good thus a successful and famous woman.

Maria then questions her if disclosing her love to Cris was the time their love ended and she says Yes as se even thought that they will marry right after his divorce but she can guess their marriage wont happen now that Cris loves her since the only thing she wants is his happiness and she can say, she (Maria) is Cris happiness so he should forgive him and accept him because he kept quiet about their relationship for fear of losing her and Maria says Cris has already lost her because their relationship doesnt exist now so she can have him.

Maria arrives home to tell Pina that Cris actually had a relationship with Dolores and Pina becomes speechless.
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 | Simply Maria (Saturday 7th January)

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