Simply Maria (Saturday 18th March)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,
Heriberto tells Vasty that she is going to be his and no one’s. Vasty is willing to do so only if he will help her to take revenge on those people who caused her pain and that Heriberto promises to.

Cristobal tells Juan Pablo to go save his uncle from prison because all he did was to protect Lucia and nothing else because he only took the role of being a dad to Lucia something he never wanted to do. He still had a hard heart towards those sayings and Alejandro has to add up to the advice by stating that Diego did exactly what Cristobal did with him when he refused to take responsibility over him as he (Juan Pablo) also did and is he is going to condemn Diego then he has to condemn himself first for not owning up to his responsibility over her daughter something Diego did.

Juan Pablo goes to speak with Diego and he tells him he never loves Lucia whereas he adored her much more than him and that he never did. Juan then begs him to forgive him for not being there for Lucia and therefore will do everything to get him out of jail because he is the actual guilty person here but Diego doesn’t need any favors from him and doesn’t care to rot in jail.

The police officer tells Diego that he is freed because Juan Pablo Flores has made a statement that he was the actual person who gave him permission to take the child away though Marco her grandpa filed those charges but a child’s father words are more powerful than a grandpa’s but Diego pompously states that it’s a lie because his nephew never gave him any permission to take Lucia with him. The officer tells him that, he actually doesn’t know whatever issues they have but the only thing he can say is for his to take advantage of his nephews Generosity to get out and not complicate things but he still says he doesn’t want that favor and refers to stay in jail.

The officer sees that Diego is only trying to be childish and so he still proceeds with the released process and he comes to inform Maria and the rest about the news. Marco then pleads with Maria and Juan Pablo for being the cause of Diego’s imprisonment. Loreano and Maria then goes individually to speak with Diego and he apologize to them for causing all those trouble and after his release they all go home and Diego solving his differences with Juan Pablo tells him in a joking way that he will still come back for Lucia if he continues to neglect his responsibilities.

Inocencio looks so dejected that Marcela broke up with him but Zacharias calms him down.

Heriberto is able to cut off Vasty’s fingers to replace a dead body and making his people to alarm the police that a body has been found

The police officer goes to report to Marco and the rest that they find a body at the seashore and the body eaten up by animals and it was only through the fingers that they were able to determine since looking at the way the animals have consumed the body it wouldn’t be easy to recognize her at all and it shows it Vasty but they still have to let the families to identify it. Alejandro goes to inform Maria about it and so did Marco because he also goes to inform Adolfo and the family about it. Adolfo then goes to have a check on the body and says even with his blood they can’t have the results because he is not blood related but will bring the blood sample of her mum to do the DNA test. Hotencia goes to do the test and she wishes to take the body to go burry it and that the doctor allows.

Heriberto buys Vasty same facial condoms to disguise her face and so not to be recognize at all.

Cristobal goes to speak with Enrique to tell him that he only came there to let him know that he actually knows that he has no true intentions about this business things he wants to have with his wife but wants something else and that he wants to warn him to not try to hurt his wife or disrespect her because if that happens, he will have him to contend with.

Cristobal wants to go and accompany Maria to the business meeting with Enrique since he thinks he has bad intentions against Maria but she is so sure nothing will happen and so he is not to go with her. Alejandro thinks like wise and wants to go with Maria but Maria is so sure Enrique is not that bad person.

She goes to meet with him and Enrique intentionally says there is no signal on his phone to make calls and therefore they should book a room and talk business in there so they can also have network signal there and she agrees but unfortunately she can’t find his phone to call Cristobal to let him no he will be home late.

Cristobal can’t imagine Maria hasn’t call and it’s too late also, so he goes to the meeting place to ask the front desk attendant to tell Enrique that he is there to pick up his wife but

Enrique orders champagne and seriously he drugs the drink without Maria’s notice and after taking the drink she goes so unconscious.

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 | Simply Maria (Saturday 18th March)

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