Simply Maria (Friday 6th January)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in todays episode,
Sonia again goes to speak with Maria she is letting her know that Cristobal isnt still the faithful man she used to know because months ago she found out that he was cheating on her with a work mate in her office and Maria looks nervous but she defends Cristobal before her that she wouldnt allow her to destroy a man of integrity and therefore should leave since she wouldnt fall for her lies but Sonia thinks she has to know the name of Cristobals mistress and she is no other person than Dolores yet Maria asked her to leave and never come back.

Feli continues to advise Nayeli to stay away from Ulises and quit her because he is a married man but she refuses stating that she is the man shes dreamt of all her life and she believes what Ulises told her that he is divorcing his wife to come for her but Feli thinks that is even worse knowing perfectly well she will be the cause for a couple breakup but still Nayeli careless and so Feli slaps her and Nayeli thinks decides to leave the house to be with Ulises and Cristobal and Feli tries convincing her to stay but she packs to leave and so Cristobal threatens her that if she dares leave, she shouldnt think of returning but she still left.

Tavo surprises Coral by proposing marriage to her in the presence of her family and she looks so happy. Tavo and Coral go to give the news to Cristobal and Feli and seriously they look so happy for Tavos brave move. Cristobal then tells him about Nayelis decision by leaving the house to be with her boss.

Marco finally meets Estela at a foundation conference and indeed they look so surprise seeing each other and Marco wishes to know if she is married but she spills the truth to him that she is unmarried and he becomes so shocked. But they bid goodbye to each other and departed.

Nayeli meets with Ulises and she tells him about her moving out of the house to be with him and he finds no fault with it but thanked her very much for defending him and their love before her family because he is going to leave with him in his apartment and Nayeli looks so happy and moved with his decision.

Tavo goes to Nayelis workplace early morning to confront her and also he attacks Ulises to warn him to stay away from his sister and focus on his marriage if not he is going to have him to contend with.

Zoe runaway from school to go see Cristobal at the workplace but upon reaching there and introducing herself to Dolores, she tells Zoe that she cant go into Cris office unless she has an appointment with him and Zoe questions who she is to tell her that and Dolores introduces herself as the girlfriend of Cristobal and they are even about to marry right after his divorce and this seriously develop into a huge argument and a fight as Zoe refuses to allow her take over the man she has loved all her life.
Belen and Norma arrive to separate them and quickly Maria also arrives to ask about the heat argument and Zoe tries to explain everything to her but she shuts at her and asked her to follow her to her office and in there, Zoe tells Maria every bit of what Dolores told her thus dating Cristobal but she doesnt care since she loves Cris with all her heart and Maria becomes surprised at Zoes obsession.

Alejandro looks so worried because still Mr. Zaragozas file is still missing and his Lawyer to demands for it and if the file is not found, things can actually go against him in court.

Maria call Norma to her office to ask about how the fight started and she tells her everything and Maria thinks Zoe only got a misunderstanding of Dolores statement since she can bet there is nothing going on between them. Norma then says if that is what she believes then she is cool with it. Her responses caused Maria to ask her if she knows something she doesnt know and Norma says Cristobal and Dolores might be having a secret relationship because nowadays shes been seeing them together very often. Maria then requests that she calls Cristobal for her but he is not in yet and so she asks her to calls her Dolores.

Dolores enters and Maria asks her to spill the truth if she is dating Cristobal and Dolores tells her the question looks so embarrassing and for that matter she cant answer her since its a personal things and not something that needs to be answered. So, Maria takes her silence for a yes and asked her out.

Cristobal and Sonia go through the last process of their divorce and in the same vein; Maria looks so disappointed as she recollects Sonias statement to her about Cristobal cheating on her with Dolores, Normas statement and now Dolores statement and one could see there is confusion galore in her head but hopes they are not true..

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 | Simply Maria (Friday 6th January)

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