Simply Maria (Friday 23rd December)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,
Marco after the operation asks Alejandro if he will go back to where he was but he says No because he is willing to fight for the love of Maria. Vasty hearing this enters to confront Alejandro that, she is never going to allow him to go back to that maid because if he dares that will be the end of him. Ale then confronts her to her that he is going to do everything in his power to win back Maria and his son to forgive him and Vasty says that is why she never wanted him to come back to Mexico.

Inocencio takes Marcela to the rehabilitation center’s assembly hall and there he discloses to her and the multitude around that he is an alcoholic but now by his own effort he’s gradually trying to overcome it. Marcela upon hearing this becomes so sad and thinks Inocencio should continue with the meetings whiles she takes a taxi back home.

Ulises takes Nayeli to an apartment and he lies to her that is where he always comes to rest anytime he feels stressed up and there he convinced Nayeli into making love with him as a sign of her love for her and since her ambition prevents her from reasoning, she gives in to his tricks.

Lucia’s friend Claudia after knowing that Juan Pablo is the cousin of Lucia, she tries her luck on Juan Pablo to see if she could have him as his boyfriend since she is already interested in him. So he calls him to ask him out on a date and Juan says he will let her know if he can go with her since he hardly know her.

Yolanda’s daughter Zoe also has the determination of winning Cristobal over though he is married because she is willing to fulfill what her mum couldn’t succeed since she is truly in love with Cristobal with the little drop of her blood.

Sonia thinks Cristobal should have accepted the ministerial position that came in his way but Cristobal tells her he never did because he couldn’t leave Maria alone with the factory management. Sonia then thinks that sooner or later the right man will come into Maria’s life and she wouldn’t need him for anything and he will say had I known is always at last.

Loreano now agrees to go have his fertility test and Pina thanks him a lot for not giving up.

Nayeli arrives home late and her mum questions her about her late hours of closing from work and therefore would want to speak with her boss because he thinks he is taking advantage of her but she tells her mum that will only get her into trouble but all she can say is that work has really though her lots of things she never imagined she could do and so there is no point for her mum to get worried. She then wishes her mum sound sleep and left to her room and Feli looks so sad for her daughter.

Lucia seeing that Juan Pablo refuses to see her since he disclosed that she is Rivapalacio, she goes to speak with Maria personally in front of Pina and Juan Pablo to tell her that she only wants to be friends with her son as they were in the childhood age but her son still refuses to do that just because of a problem between their family which she thinks they are not to pay for that because they are actually not the cause of those hatred and Maria thinks Lucia seriously doesn’t have the mind of Rivapalacio and thinks that Vasty will get offended hearing those words coming from her mouth. But the point is there is no way they can have a good relationship with her family and Lucia looks bad.

Loreano after seeing the doctor at the fertility clinic, she spots Sonia from afar and he wonders why and so he asks the doctor if Sonia also has been coming there and he confirms that she’s also been his patient for whiles but can’t tell him anything much due to his work and Loreano thanked him.

Ale goes to pick Maria out for lunch and he bumps into Cris at the work place and he asks his mission and as usual he tells him he is there to win Maria’s love back but Cris says she doesn’t him and so there is no point in trying since he wouldn’t let him have his way as he’s the one who has supported her in everything whereas he has been a disappointment but Ale wants him to concentrate on his marriage and stop thinking about Maria because she is not his wife and this could have ended in a fight but Maria arrives to stop them.

Vasty goes mad upon hearing from her daughter that she went to see Maria and Juan Pablo and she warns her not to dare speak good about those people since that could cause her to hurt her (Lucia).

Marcela gives the good news to Zacharias that there is a vacancy in the nursery home and so he can bring Carmina to stay at the place and she will make sure to take care of her and he looks so happy.

Ale suggests to Maria that he thinks the best way for their son to understand and forgive him will be that, Maria accepts him as her friend and with that they can even give themselves chance to know and can marry but Maria says she doesn’t know what to think again but all she can says is that upon everything he gave a her a great son she is actually proud of.

Loreano discloses to Cristobal that he saw Sonia at the Fertility clinic but seriously he wondered why she was also there if she claimed she was pregnant at first and Cris looks so surprised too with news.

Cris goes home to ask Sonia why she’s went to the fertility clinic and seriously she denies it that she’s never been to anywhere like that and Cris discloses to her that Loreano actually saw her so there is no point lying because he’s been seeing the same doctor and so she accepts it’s the truth. Cris then asked her to go with him quickly to see that doctor and quickly she becomes nervous but he drags her to the place by force.

The doctor tells Cristobal that Sonia has been coming there for checkup because the fact is she’s has been barren since birth and Cristobal looks so surprised stirring at his wife.

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