Simply Maria (Friday 17th March)

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,
It happens that Paloma and Juan Pablo have witnessed that same issue or situation in life since death carried their love ones away from them unexpectedly and this makes them so sad. Paloma then tells him that she decided to be her friend because she understands him better since she’s also had the experience before so she can comfort him and Juan Pablo counts his stars blessed to have someone he can pour out his feelings to without having to feel weird to her.

Marcela has high hopes to get married to Inocencio but she thinks he is trying to be stingy since he is refusing to buy the apartment they are supposed to move into but Feli thinks considering the amount Inocencio is spending it is logical that he will protect his money since it is difficult to come by money these days. In the same vein, Zacharias wants Inocencio to tell Marcela the truth that he actually isn’t the man she thinks he is but he says that is going to be difficult.

He goes to take some documents from the workplace for delivery and unluckily for him he bumps into Marcela at one of their client’s shop and there she discovers that Inocencio is nothing but a messenger and not that so called Lawyer with that lots of money. Marcela then says she is never going to marry him again because she doesn’t want to marry a liar like him since he had the opportunity to tell her the truth long time.

Alejandro reports to Maria to inform her that Marco already filed charges against Diego and Maria becomes worried because now her brother will be wanted by the police but Cristobal calms her down.

Coral speaks with her lawyer to help her get divorce as soon as possible and he wants her to give birth first and if that happens she can demand more money since she is the mother of the child and won’t have to worry about money any more but Coral thinks money is not important to her if her child won’t have a father.

Fabian and Fausto calls Yolanda to assure her to not worry since upon their return he is going to feel so proud of his husband.

Marcela goes to tell Feli about Inocencio’s lies and Feli looks so worried for her. Marcela says she can stand the fact that Inocencio is not a successful lawyer and has no money and even his alcoholism but to lie to her goes out of bound because she broke up with Luis because of lies and therefore can’t stand lies again. In the same vein, Inocencio goes to the bar to drink to the fullest to overcome his sadness.

Loreano and the detective are able to find out where Diego is and upon asking him to give back Lucia and go back with them, he says that is going to be impossible since Lucia is his and no ones. So he escapes them through the back window with child while he tricks them to wait outside to pack his things to leave with them.

The police get hold of Diego and so Marco go with Adolfo and Alejandro to ask the police to not put him in jail thus withdrawing his case but the police states that it is the decision of the court to decide since kidnapping was involved. Maria, Juan Pablo, Cristobal and the rest arrive to pick Lucia up and says Lucia looks better that means Diego never had any bad intention yet the Police says they have to tell that to the judge.

Heriberto tells Vasty that she is going to be his and no one’s. Vasty is willing to do so only if he will help her to take revenge on those people who caused her pain and that Heriberto promises to.

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 | Simply Maria (Friday 17th March)

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