Shadows Of The Past episode 35. Read what to expect on Saturday the 10th of October’s episode on UTV Ghana

While many are at the Independence Square in Accra for the 2015 Old Skuul Reunion, lets go on with one of our favourite telenovelas on TV. Here’s what to expect on Saturday night!

Aldonza meets with Renato at a restaurant and she tells him that she is still in love with Cristobal and at the mere mention of that, Renato becomes so quiet and after Aldonza asks him about his silence, he says that, it does marvels him to know that she is still in love with the man she wants to confront and that makes it sound very crazy and Aldonza says she knows that but that love is never going to be possible because of circumstances.
Cristobal lay in his bed and begins to think carefully again about the advice Melesio gave to him and thus to fight for the one he truly love and not the one his parents are pushing to him so he will not be a loser. Whiles in the mood of thinking, his mum enters to ask him if Valeria loved the ring he gave her and Cristobal tells him so it seems and candela left him.
Valeria and her mum Prudencia engage themselves in a conversation and they begin to tease Aldonza about how sad she looked upon seeing Cristobal putting the ring on her finger. Valeria then says to her mum that, now with this ring it symbolizes that, that Aldonza girl can never separate her from Cristobal ever again.
Cristobal goes to see Valeria in their house and Humberto blows the news to him about how robbers broke into his office but the shocking thing is that, nothing was stolen from the place and Cristobal tells him people sometimes do things to just absurd a person not necessarily to steal something from him. He then called Valeria for Cristobal.
Melesio warns Emmanuel not to try and come closer least to talk to him except it’s about matters concerning the ranch because after hurting his granddaughter so badly in public, their great friendship ended just right at that time. Emmanuel tries to explain things to Melesio but he will not even give him the chance to do it.
Severiano visits his girlfriend Alvatrie and asks her to leave because Aldonza has found out about the relationship and has started using it to blackmail him but Alvatrie still insists on staying and pleads with him that she is going to remain silence and obey anything that he will order her to do and Severiano agrees.
Mary’s father Uriel also goes to Las Animas to threaten Emmanuel that, if he doesn’t know and abandon his daughter after disgracing her in public, he s going to allow Severiano to fire him from his work and Emmanuel grows so confused with great pain in his heart because no one seems to understand him because everyone thinks he is trying to play with their relatives feelings. Emmanuel tries to explain to Uriel that it was rather his daughter who kissed him and not him because he was actually drunk but Uriel finds it difficult to understand.
Lola goes to work and she asks Madam Emma that she wants to resign because but she advises her not to do that because looking at what happen at the party everything shows that it was rather her daughter Mary who made that scandal because she saw Emmanuel was drunk. She also asks Lola to stay for her sake because no one can fit in her place as a good employee and pretty lady in her work, because she can’t do without her and Lola agrees not to resign again.
Emmanuel searches for Lola to apologize to her and after seeing her Lola tells her she’s forgiven him but she pleads with him not to get closer to her again.
Aldonza takes Renato to go and see El-Santuario waterfall and to his surprise, it looked very awesome and attractive which every person will love to have as a great property. After saying that, Aldonza tries to let him know that, t is because of this reason that she will do everything possible to get it back. Quickly, Renato promises her that after seeing el-Santuario he now understands Aldonza better on why she wishes to have it back, therefore he is going to help her in all means to get it back. He then pull out a gun and show it to Aldonza that this is what in the first place she is going to use to protect herself and before Aldonza became so afraid and Renato encouraged him to do away with the fear by teaching her how to shot from a distance straight in a targeted mile and surprisingly, Aldonza became a perfect shooter within a minute rehearsal through Renato.

Cristobel goes out with Valeria after charting for a while he tells her that, he can’t go on pretending to love her because the fact is that though he love her very much but things between them cannot work any longer so therefore he wants to tell her that there will be no wedding meaning he can’t marry her again. Valeria sees it as a dream since she even was holding in her hands the invitation card for their wedding and tears becomes the order of the day for Valeria but whether she likes it or not cristobal still broke his engagement with her. | Shadows Of The Past episode 35. Read what to expect on Saturday the 10th of October’s episode on UTV Ghana

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