Shadows Of The Past episode 32 (Recap: Saturday 3rd October)

Let’s do a recap of Saturday’s episode of ‘Shadows Of The Past’. In case you weren’t able to catch it on TV, here’s how it went!

Severiano asks Abelardo to go to humberto’s office to steal the document baring the agreement signed between him and Aldonza concerning the el-Santuario house for him and this is to be done by Abelardo in exchange for saving him from the hands of those bad guys. Abelardo receives the news as a big blow but after a bit of threatening from Severiano, he agrees to do it.

For candela and Valeria to be able to make their enemies more jealous, they both hardly decides to invite Aldonza and her family to Cristobel and Valeria’s engagement party and Adelina finds it so strange as well as Aldonza. So Adelina asks Aldonza if she is going to honor the invitation but she says “no” to that because she thinks that Valeria only invited her just to annoy her and nothing else.

Valeria goes to candela after inviting Aldonza and she tells candela that, Aldonza refused her invitation and it bothers her too much because she doesn’t know what to do to be a triumph over Aldonza. Candela asks her not to get worried because she will certainly make Aldonza attend the party so she can see with her eyes how much Cristobal loves her (Valeria) and that will make her go out of her son’s life forever.

Severiano tells Cristobal that, Abelardo is going to work in the ranch again but this time as an errand person. Cristobal then asks his father on why he continues to entertain Abelardo in their ranch after all the awful things he’s done in Las Animas and Severiano tells him it’s because his father has been of so many good help to him and also before he Cristobel was born he’s been taking care of all his finances. Cristobal then tells his father that that does not give him the right to let him into the ranch again but Severiano tells him that in life everyone deserves a second chance.

Aldonza and Adelina go to clean their old house and sadness grips them very much. While they continue cleaning, Severiano arrives and Adelina grows so frightened and but Aldonza gathers the boldness and pick up an axe to threaten Severiano to leave if not she is going to kill him and Joaquin arrives and Severiano leaves.

To be able to let Aldonza to attend the engagement party, Candela goes to the extent visiting father Jeronimo at the parish to also invite him and his family to the party. Father Jeronimo then asks her why a sudden change of attitude and trying to make up with them and she says lies to him that, she wants to forget about all the resentment she’s harbored in her heart against Aldonza and to be able to do that, inviting them to the party will be a good idea to make the reconciliation. Father Jeronimo then takes it as a bit funny but he tells her he will not promise him anything but will try his best to convince Aldonza to come with him to the party if only she has a clear conscience about the invite.

Emmanuel refuses to go to the party after Lola asks him to because he feared because candela hates him so much it wouldn’t please her to see him but after Lola kisses him three times, he accepts to go with her.

Severiano visits his girlfriend Alvatrie at her hotel and he says to her that, the idea of coming to the hotel always can put his name at risk if someone is to catch them therefore he promises her that, he’s working to get his hands on a particular house for her so when he is done she will let her know so that she can move into it and she becomes so happy upon hearing that.

Mary tells Valeria about the hardship she’s going through to have to fight with Lola to gain Emmanuel’s love and after, Lola promises to help her as a best friend to win Emmanuel over once she can’t stand seeing that maid Lola in love with Emmanuel, so she is going to give her all the trick she will need during the party to get Emmanuel all to herself (Mary).

Aldonza gingers Adelina not to put up fear whenever she sees Severiano but rather she should turn that fear into fury and to take all the necessary measures to protect themselves as she has been able to do because now she doesn’t fear that Severiano man one bit.

Father Jeronimo tells Aldonza about candela’s invite to their engagement party and after Aldonza tells him also that Valeria did also invited her over but she sees the whole thing very fishy and therefore will not go no matter the amount of words of convincing from Jeronimo. After stepping out of the parish, he calls Renato to inform about the funny invitation and Renato advises her to give it a try and with she can be able to keep his enemies close and that will make her revenge very easy.

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